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  Timings and delivery information

We are fully aware that the production of our items is extremely time critical in the case of remembrance stationery. For this reason we produce the first proof within 24 hours from the initial instruction of the order. Once approval has been received we deliver the final order within 48 hours or the day before the funeral, whichever is closer.

All orders can be taken via fax or email on our order forms or as a straight email request. Our order forms include boxes so we ensure all the correct information is taken and can then be transferred to the relevant design requested. Please note we are no longer able to take orders/changes of information verbally over the telephone.

Once an order has been placed we will produce a first proof, either by post or email depending on your preference.

All items are delivered by us or sent guaranteed delivery. Delivery is FREE OF CHARGE for all locations under a 15 mile radius from our offices in Blackfield, Hampshire or a standard delivery charge of £9.00 for all other locations in the UK.

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