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  Copyright and other things to consider

Due to changes in copyright laws all relevant copyright must be obtained when ordering remembrance stationery. All rights, where required, should be obtained in writing before any order can be processed. However, we appreciate that this is sometimes a grey area and are happy to advise you on any requirements required for your individual service. Below is a brief summary of some things you may need to consider.

All hymns should now show the composer and date (and death if applicable) under each set of lyrics regardless of whether the hymn is under copyright as instructed by the CCLI. Many hymns and prayers are now no longer under copyright and in the public domain. Copyright usually applies to material where the author or composer has been deceased for longer than 70 years. Any such hymns can now be used without any copyright being obtained. Please contact us and we will be happy to advise you on which of your chosen hymns are still requiring permission to be used. Should you wish to use a hymn that is still under copyright check with the church or crematorium where your service is taking place. They will usually hold a Christian Copyright Licence (CCLI) which will permit you to reproduce the required hymn without seeking any additional copyright. Where this applies a licence number must be obtained from them and printed on the order of service. This licence will then allow you to use the requested hymn for a single use service without incurring any additional cost. In the unlikely event that they do not hold a licence, or it is not covered by ours we are able to purchase a single use licence on your behalf. This depends on the individual publisher holding the licence for the required text.

When wishing to use any bible passages or prayers within your order of service no permission is required from the relevant publishers providing the reproduction is again for a single use service. Please note any items from Common Worship or The Book of Common Prayer must include an acknowledgement somewhere in the order of service. Again, we are happy to advise you when this is required.

We are unable to reproduce any item that is still under copyright unless written confirmation is obtained. This applies to the vast majority of popular song lyrics and many poems. Again, if you are unsure please ask and we will be more than happy to advise you if your choice is available for reproduction.

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